our story

How it all started

Like the tree that bears a pear, a child’s growth comes with care, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some flair! Pear is where we share a love we can all wear!

My name is Angela, I am a devoted mother and the creator of Pear. Stemming from the love of my own little pair of pears, my 2 boys are the root of inspiration for my journey into children's wear. Their adventurous spirit reminds me of the magic of childhood and its wild imagination which brought Pear to life. Pear pays tribute to this imagination. I guess you can say we take playfulness seriously.
I wanted moms and dads to share in the world of their little ones so they too can wear designs for that pearfect bond!

our mission

What we aim for

To produce fun, magical and durable designs. Our wish is to see families enjoying the designs from one generation to the next!